Summer Goals

7 September 2020




It's the time of the year where we all start focusing on our goals for SUMMER!


We all have different goals and our own ways of reaching them.


My biggest goal for this coming Summer is to feel comfortable in my skin. I am getting married in January, and leading up to the wedding there will be many festivities such as the Kitchen tea and Bachelorette - along with the standard festive season festivities!  I have set up small realistic goals that I know will have an impact in my physical, financial and mental well being to prep me for this new chapter in my life.


Here are my 10 goals leading up to Summer:


1.     Reach my step goal at least 4x a week.

2.     Not get sun burnt once (a difficult one as I can bake in the sun all day).

3.     Do some form of exercise 5x a week for 30 minutes.

4.     Drink less wine.

5.     Save money by going out less and also eating out less now that restaurants are open again.

6.     Go to the beach more.

7.     Experiment with healthy snack recipes for girls night.

8.     Put more effort in my skin care routine.

9.     Go for my Endo treatment at least once a week (I will explain more about this treatment in one of my next posts).

10. To live more in the moment and over think less.


All of my above goals are realistic and will contribute to reaching my ‘end goal’.

I hope my goals are some form of inspiration for all of the dollies out there, as we don’t need to have ‘I need to lose 5kg until summer kind of goals’. The goal should be to be happy even though some days might be a little more difficult than others.


We are all in this together.




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