Your Are Not Alone

19 August 2020

 Happy Wednesday Dollies

The best way to celebrate Women's month is by speaking about how women can support women. Mental health struggles are a prevalent issue amongst women. We all likely know someone who is struggling. Below are just a few ways in which we can support a sister through her mental health journey 

1. Validate their feelings - Often someone who is struggling with their mental health just wants to be heard. Listen carefully and with full attention when they speak and validate their feelings by acknowledging how hard it must be. 

2. Allow them to lead the conversation- You might be the first person they are talking to about their mental health struggles, do not rush them or push them to share more than they are willing to. 

3. Allow for conversation about general well-being - Talk about ways in which you keep up your general well-being. Like journaling, art or exercise. This might encourage them to take up similar activities. 

4. Ask how you can help - Asking how you can help and being available helps to pinpoint specifically how to be supportive to your friend. You could offer to take them to the doctor or psychologist, run a stressful errand or just be there in person.

Remember Dollies, you are NOT alone

Love, Shani


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18 August. 2020, 

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