To Mask or to Serum

26 August 2020

 Hi there, Dollies! 

Today we we will be covering masks and serums. From why we should use it, to why not to use only the one and not the other.  I know that for a lot of people the use of more products than just the essentials is a no-go, and some people, like me, are just too lazy to put in in the extra effort!

Read below the importance and differences between masks and serums:


Face masks are a fantastic way to help improve targeted skin concerns. Choosing a face mask will depend on what concern you would want to treat, and also on your skin type. A face mask has three broad advantages; it lightens the skin tone, brightens complexion and controls acne and oily skin. You would apply a face mask on a clean, cleansed face and neck. Avoid areas such as your eyes and mouth if not stated otherwise.


Serums contain natural ingredients enriched with minerals and vitamins to target specific concerns. They are lightweight formulas that penetrates the skin deeply, balancing the skin and making it tight and firm. The lightweight formulation also aids in moisturising of the skin and carries nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin for maximum benefit. Serums can help with revitalising the skin as it lightens and brightens the skin. Regular use of serums cain aid in reducing wrinkles, lighten dark spots and result in a glowing complexion. Serums also promotes the benefit of a moisturiser by activating its ingredients to penetrate the skin on a deeper level and nourish it from within.

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