Confidence Is What Makes You Beautiful

20 August 2020

Happy Women’s month Dollies!

With this month being focussed on women empowerment, I am going to discuss the topic of makeup and why we wear it.

My opinion about makeup, is that it should make you feel even more fierce than you already are. It should give you that extra boost of confidence for a special occasion, or even just for doing simple errands. If you enjoy using makeup as a form of creative expression - go for it! If you don’t like wearing makeup, then don’t!

My makeup motto is a very common quote by an unknown source, “Magnifying the beauty that already exists”.

We, as females, experience enough pressure and hardship as it is. Sometimes we need something to make us feel better, and for me (and lots of other women) that might be wearing makeup. But it should not be what makes you love yourself! You are beautiful from when you wake up in the morning, to when you slay the day in a fabulous dress and full glam makeup.

Remember: you are loved. You are amazing just as you are!

Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!



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