The Name Game: Finding a Name For Your Business Doesn't Have to be Daunting

28 July 2020

With some time on our hands, lockdown has allowed for many of you to pursue that dream of starting your own little business. With fabulous ideas and great concepts, the first step to making it REAL is finding the perfect name. And that’s scary. Where do you begin? To make the process less daunting I’ve come up with a few tips to help you get started.


1. Write down your business values and ethos. Establishing what your business stands for and what you strive towards could help you find a name that’ll capture the essence of your brand. A good name doesn’t just have a ring to it - it has layers of thought and meaning that adds to the overall customer experience. Establishing your company values will aid in narrowing down a name that evokes the desired feeling or emotion and is also a great way of sticking to your initial business idea as you progress and grow. So, write it down and stick it up where you can see it. It should act as a reminder in every business decision that you make and could help you find a name that captures your values. Research the words that stand out and see if you can find related words, synonyms or translation that could possibly be a perfect name.

2.  Choose a few words that best describe your brand or product. Write them down and draw up a mind map. Do some research into the etymology of each word - where it originated, what the different word sections mean and maybe even a translation of the word. Look up synonyms. Most importantly, write it all down. Writing it down allows for some perspective. You might spot a few words that stand out and in some way you could possibly combine them to create a name that is unique, but still is easy enough to remember and pronounce.

3. Search baby name meanings. As cheesy as it sounds, websites with baby name meanings are usually a great place to find a name that carries a specific meaning. Search something like “bold, strong woman name” and you’ll be presented with an endless list of names that could spark some inspiration.

4. Rework an existing word by changing up its spelling. Instead of reading a word, repeat it loudly, over and over and start listening to what it actually sounds like. Pronounce the different syllables, pronounce it in a new way. Try to discover a different way of writing the word while still keeping its original sound and meaning. Example - a brand named Summah that sells beachwear. You read “summer”, but you pronounce it in a different way. It’s a creative play on a word and branding wise it is eye-catching as it looks different and intriguing, but is still readable and relatable.


I know it’s a crazy process when you don’t have a clue where to start. NB! Stick to something simple. Over complicating the process always gets you down. When you’re stuck, go back to basics and start fresh with the bare necessities. Don’t overthink it and don’t overwork it. Always remember to keep it pronounceable, memorable and relatable to your target market. Don’t name a vegan brand “Beefy” - although it might be quirky, your name won’t attract the right customer. Most importantly, don’t force it. It’s frustrating when you don’t find the perfect name after one day of brainstorming and that’s okay. Sometimes the best name just HAPPENS. And you’ll know when it does.

Until next time!


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