How to Stay Motivated to Workout

15 July 2020

Hello Dollies, and welcome to the first Fitness post on TDD! Today we are talking all about workout motivation

We know how difficult it can be to get yourself out of your cozy, warm and comfy bed at 7am, especially to exercise! Here are some ways to stay motivated to workout during lockdown!

1. Find a bomb workout outfit

This seems strange, hear me out. I find when you’re feeling good in what you are wearing you are more inclined to actually be active and feel more confident in your abilities, which could lead to an improved focus, motivation, and gains.

2. Make a killer playlist

Music is the best way to lift your spirits and get you in the right mood. An uplifting song with good tempo always gets me motivated and pumped for a sweat session. If you are practicing something more relaxed such as yoga or stretching you would listen to a slower style of music, which I find to be therapeutic and comforting. Whether you are going for a run, doing some strength training or yoga one thing’s for certain: music makes working out easier.

3. Change it up

It is so important to change up your workouts. Exercise doesn't have to be boring. You're more likely to stick with a fitness program if you're having fun. Not only will you be more motivated, but changing up workouts will keep your muscles guessing, which will improve tone.

4. Positive talk

Look at working out as an opportunity to take care of your body and mind, and incorporating a habit that supports a healthy lifestyle. To stay motivated throughout your workouts have optimistic thoughts about exercising. Instead of saying “I have to workout”, rather say “today I have the ability to workout”. Instead of asking yourself, “when will this be over?”, rather ask “how can I make this more fun?”

5. Reward yourself

This does not mean eating junk food once your workout is over. This means that you give yourself a small reward for reaching a particular goal. Once I have achieved my goals, small or big, I reward myself with something sweet. Food is my biggest motivator. Other ways of rewarding yourself can be with a massage, a day off or a glass of wine. 

Do not beat yourself up for not working out. This mentality is important to making peace with your body and enjoying exercise rather than seeing it as a chore. I hope these few tips can help you feel motivated!


Shannah x

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