How To Rest Well

6 July 2020

Hello, I am Shani and I am tired. I am sure so many of us are. Lockdown has presented many new things that we have had to adjust to. Working remotely, learning new systems, following new regulations, compassion fatigue and keeping our mental health in check despite living through a global pandemic. These things all add to a sometimes overwhelming sense of exhaustion. The problem with exhaustion is that we often do not understand how to rest well. We equate resting with sleep or binging 8 hours of Netflix and are confused when this does not thoroughly recharge us for the coming day or week. A quick google search on rest brings up many articles about how to get better sleep but little about how your day can become more restful. Rest is so much more than just sleep. Rest is a personalised experience and must be curated for yourself.

Some tips that have worked for me:

  1. Have a morning: Starting my mornings quietly and without rush has become essential to my day. Savouring my first cup of coffee, taking quiet time to journal and allowing my body to fully wake up has given me so much more energy to deal with the day ahead.

  2. Make time for the things you love that are not necessary to your day: This could include reading that book you have been meaning to get to, writing, drawing, dancing in your room, exercising, taking a long bath or actually sitting down to enjoy a meal. 

  3. Let people be a part of the process: For some of us rest means being around people, for others, it means being alone and for many, it is a combination of both. It is important to allow yourself to voice your needs. If you need a coffee date- organise one (remotely of course). If you need to be alone for a while let the people around you know so that they can help you rest well. If you need to talk about what you are feeling, let someone know who you trust to listen. 

  4. Finally, take a day: If it is possible try to set out a day a week dedicated to rest. Doing things that you know don’t drain you. Things that don't feel like work, things that bring you joy. A day where you do not have to check emails or set an alarm. 

Rest is so important for our mental health, when we are well and truly rested we are so much more capable to face whatever the day holds.

Rest well Dollies. 

Shani x     

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