How to Find Your Personal Style

13 July 2020

Hello Dollies!

Today we are chatting all about personal style. Read below to see what personal style is, how it can boost your confidence and how to find it!

How we dress is important – it defines and reflects who we are as people. This is where personal style plays a role. Style is not deciding what clothes you prefer over others; it’s about understanding your core or your identity. This doesn’t mean that you limit what you wear and cannot wear, it simply means that you are experimenting with what makes you feel the most like yourself, and also getting the most of what you do choose to wear, mentally and physically. 

Choosing clothing items that make you go “this is so me!!!” inside, will build your confidence and naturally make you look more you. Below you can find four steps on how to define your personal style and look your best from the inside out. 

1. Find your style icon

Most often you will not find only one person who totally encapsulates your ideal personal style. Because we all are different. But looking at celebrities, influencers, artists, your friends and whoever inspires you for style inspiration is always a good starting point. Take what you love from their personal style and try it on yourself. If you have that “!!!” feeling inside, invest in those items. 

2. Find your theme

Finding your personal style is not going to happen overnight. You will have to experiment and try multiple different pieces and find the items that you prefer best. Once you have three full outfits that you really like, you will start to see a theme. You will see that you will have either a more bohemian style or a classic style or even an avant-garde style. Whatever style you have determined your own, you can then invest in items that have a similar style to your own. 

3. Look at trends, and apply it to your personal style

Trends come and go, but your personal style will always remain. Buying into and buying only trendy items does not mean you have a personal style. Once you have figured out what you really like to wear and what makes you feel good inside when you wear it, then you can look at what is trending and see how you can incorporate what’s trending into your own personal style wardrobe. 

4. Consider your lifestyle

A style that doesn’t suit your lifestyle will be impossible to upkeep and you will just waste your money and time. Personal style also includes practicality. If you are on your feet all day, heels might not be the best suit for your personal style, but that doesn’t mean it is not a part of your style at all. You can keep your heels for nights out, or dinner dates or special occasions. But it is very important to consider what you do on the daily when defining your personal style. 

Remember, defining your personal style does not happen overnight. You will have to try and try again until you feel that you have fully encapsulated yourself. Once you have defined your personal style, you will know what you want and how you want your clothing items to make you feel. So, if you feel a little lost in your personal style journey, apply these tips and rediscover your confidence through your clothes! 



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