5 Ways to Increase Work Recovery and Decrease Workplace Stress

20 July 2020

Happy Monday Dollies.

Mondays signify the beginning of another work week but for many it means the beginning of another 5 days of stress, exhaustion and work guilt. Work recovery is the concept of being able to leave work at work and fully rest and recover for the next day. The ability to recover from a busy or stressful day at work enhances your mental well-being but also leads to higher levels of productivity in the workplace itself.

Some easy to apply tips that could help you get into the practice of work recovery. 

1) Properly disengage. Make sure you disengage from work both physically and mentally when the day is done. This could mean limiting your work talk after work hours, blasting some happy tunes on your commute home, going for a run or if you are still working from home, creating a space that is purely for work and leaving that space when the work day is done. 

2) Take up a hobby. Being fully mentally engaged in an activity that is not work will help you to keep your mind off of work, make you feel good about actively participating in something you enjoy and lead to a deeper sense of satisfaction in your day.

3) Schedule your “me-time”. If you are like me after work hours quickly become filled with activities. Although these activities are voluntary, they are often draining and can hinder the work recovery process. By scheduling me-time you reduce the guilt of taking it and get the benefit of refueling.

4) Connect with people and have fun. We so often feel too drained to be around people and forget that it could be an incredibly energizing experience. Make it a priority to have light-hearted engagements with people. You could watch a chick flick over netflix party, do a virtual trivia night or a dress-up zoom hang. Having light-hearted child-like fun has wonderful mental health benefits and can help you reset for the next day. 

Happy recovery Dollies 

Shani x 


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