Elizna's Happy Tummy Routine

20 July 2020

Dear Dollies,


Previously I mentioned that I would share my routine to my happy tummy. So here it is…

For me, a routine is the key. We all have different routines and our bodies work differently and respond better to different things – have I mentioned that we are all different?

This is what works for me and I hope that this can help at least one other Dolly out there with the same IBS struggles.


My routine:


1.     Hot water with ½ freshly squeezed lemon.

If you feel your stomach can handle it add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a dash of cinnamon.

The benefits:

·      Apple cider vinegar – natural laxative and can improve digestion, lowers blood sugar levels, cholesterol & blood pressure.

·      Hot lemon water – Promotes hydration, good source of Vit C, improves skin quality and aids in digestion.

·      Cinnamon – loaded with Antioxidants and lowers blood sugar.

2.     My blueberry smoothie/smoothie bowl. I have been making the same smoothie every morning for the last six years with little tweaks here and there. If I’m on the go it’s just a smoothie, and when I have time like during lockdown a smoothie bowl.


Smoothie base

·      1/3 cup frozen blueberries

·      ½ big banana/1 small banana

·      1 teaspoon peanut butter (I started using 1 scoop of Wazoogles Peanut Butter protein powder instead.)

·      ½ cup almond milk

·      1 teaspoon honey/2 dates

              Smoothie bowl toppings

              I use whatever I have in the fridge/cupboard, but here is an example.

·      The other half of the banana

·      Coconut chips or gluten free granola if your feeling extra hungry (I like to use simply granola)

·      2 sliced strawberries

·      Dash of cinnamon over the bananas.


3.    Molkosan has been my little saving grace over the years.

What is it?

It’s made from whey obtained from organic milk. It’s rich in a substance known as L+ lactic acid, which is now known to support the growth of good gut bacteria. It acts as a prebiotic.


·      Supports healthy gut bacteria

·      Promotes good digestion

·      Helps relieve IBS/digestive symptoms

·      Helps eliminate bad gut bacteria and yeast

·      Free of lactose, gluten, sugar and calorie free (this is why I can drink nearly an entire bottle if my tummy has a bad day).

·      Improves bad breath


Please remember this routine is what works for me, and here at The Dolly Diaries we want to inform our community about things that we struggle with and what has helped us in the hope that we can inform and help another Dolly.

Until next time,


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