Cardio vs. Strength Training

29 July 2020

Cardio vs strength. This is the ultimate fitness face off. 

This is an impossible comparison and at the end of the day it all falls back on what your personal fitness goals are. Versatility is important, and both cardio and strength training have benefits. Cardio consists of exercise like running, walking, swimming, cycling, or anything that raises your heart rate. Strength training includes circuits and anything with high intensity movements performed in a shorter period of time. Let’s look at some benefits of cardio and strength training.

Cardio benefits

- Improves heart health

Cardio keeps your heart pumping strongly and efficiently. It increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

- Weight-loss

You’ll burn more calories during your workout. Cardio exercise is shown to increase your metabolism which means that your body burns more calories and fat than it usually would. 

Budget friendly

You don’t need much to do a cardio workout. In fact it is completely free to go for a jog or walk in the neighbourhood.

- Improved sleep

Cardio helps you sleep better at night time, due to the fact that yo use up so much energy during the workout. 

Strength-training benefits

- Gain definition

Strength training includes strengthening and toning your muscles. Strength training include body weight training, resistance training, weight training and so much more.

- Weight control 

You’ll burn calories all day. Strength training builds muscle and muscle burns calories even at rest state. 

- Helps build good body mechanics

Strength training is great for good balance, posture and coordination. 

- Improves bone density

Strength training is great for your bone health. Strong muscles lead to strong bones. Studies have shown that strength training can slow bone loss, especially in woman. 

It is important to not have a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise, but to understand that every body is different and responds differently to each form of exercise. Most studies show that the most effective workouts combine both cardio and strength exercises, exercising both muscular and heart strength at the same time. Personally, I feel there is immense value in doing what you enjoy!

Much love, Shan xx

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