6 Simple Tips to Improve Skin Affected by Wearing Face Masks

16 July 2020

Hi there, Dollies!

Today we are talking all about how the wearing of a mask during the current Covid19 pandemic can have an impact on our skin, and steps on prevention of any breakouts, redness or rashes.

Firstly, different skin types can have different reactions to the wearing of a mask. Oily skin types who are more prone to breakouts may experience some breakouts in and around the area that is covered by the mask. “Maskne” is the new term used to describe breakouts due to the wear of face masks. People with more sensitive/reactive skin may experience rash like symptoms, redness or even blistering. These are all due to heat, moisture and sweat being trapped under the mask causing the environment to be very humid.

The 2 most common skin issues due to wearing a mask:

1 - Irritant Contact Dermatitis - Hypersensitivity towards the mask fabric. Symptoms include dryness, redness and itching.

2 - Acne Mechanica - Acne and blocked pores are caused by friction and rubbing against your skin.

6 Simple tips and tricks for a happy skin underneath a mask:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly - Always wear your mask over a clean face as dirt and sebum will get trapped under the mask, resulting in breakouts. Avoid excessive rubbing and scrubbing as it can contribute to skin sensitivity.
  2. Apply a good moisturiser - A moisturiser acts as a barrier to your skin, prevents friction and hydrates the skin.
  3. Use minimal make-up underneath your mask - Stay away from heavy foundations; rather stick to lighter coverage such as BB creams or tinted sunscreens.
  4. Avoid harsh products - Regular mask wear along with the use of harsh products, such as Benzol Peroxide and Retinol can lead to more irritated skin.
  5. Wash your mask after every use - To avoid skin irritation wash your mask with fragrance free laundry detergents. Also, do not reuse surgical face masks!
  6. Wear 100% cotton masks - Cotton is very gentle on the skin. Studies have shown that cotton provides a good balance between protection and breathability.

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That’s it for now. Next week I will share my current skincare routine.

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