Summer Goals

7 September 2020




It's the time of the year where we all start focusing on our goals for SUMMER!


We all have different goals and our own ways of reaching them.


My biggest goal for this coming Summer is to feel comfortable in my skin. I am getting married in January, and leading up to the wedding there will be many festivities such as the Kitchen tea and Bachelorette - along with the standard festive season festivities!  I have set up small realistic goals that I know will have an impact in my physical, financial and mental well being to prep me for this new chapter in my life.


Here are my 10 goals leading up to Summer:


1.     Reach my step goal at least 4x a week.

2.     Not get sun burnt once (a difficult one as I can bake in the sun all day).

3.     Do some form of exercise 5x a week for 30 minutes.

4.     Drink less wine.

5.     Save money by going out less and also eating out less now that restaurants are open again.

6.     Go to the beach more.

7.     Experiment with healthy snack recipes for girls night.

8.     Put more effort in my skin care routine.

9.     Go for my Endo treatment at least once a week (I will explain more about this treatment in one of my next posts).

10. To live more in the moment and over think less.


All of my above goals are realistic and will contribute to reaching my ‘end goal’.

I hope my goals are some form of inspiration for all of the dollies out there, as we don’t need to have ‘I need to lose 5kg until summer kind of goals’. The goal should be to be happy even though some days might be a little more difficult than others.


We are all in this together.




Trend Alert: Summer 2020

28 August 2020

 This summer we are not holding back with the trends! Dress to impress is our mantra for Summer 2020!

Let’s have a look at what’s trending this season and where you can find them, of course:


1.     Broidery Anglaise

Looking for that summer holiday feeling at home? Look no further. Broidery anglaise (a personal fave) will give you that summer glam feeling!

Mr Price

2. Puff Sleeves

I told you they were going nowhere.




Mr Price

3. Tiered mini-skirts

Tiered mini-skirts are fun, flirty and fabulous – sounds like summer to me!

Forever New

Mr Price

4. Sheer Fabrics

An instant way to spice up an outfit, perfect for summer date nights!


5. Bermuda shorts

The grown-up version of the coveted short-shorts.


6. 90s Inspired Denim

Dungarees, pinafores and dresses in denim will be a staple item this summer.



6. Strappy sandals

Another personal favourite is the strappy sandal. It looks elegant, it’s an easy way to dress up an outfit and it’s suits almost every style!


Mr Price

That’s the summer 2020 trends in a nutshell. Remember, be bold, be beautiful and be you!




To Mask or to Serum

26 August 2020

 Hi there, Dollies! 

Today we we will be covering masks and serums. From why we should use it, to why not to use only the one and not the other.  I know that for a lot of people the use of more products than just the essentials is a no-go, and some people, like me, are just too lazy to put in in the extra effort!

Read below the importance and differences between masks and serums:


Face masks are a fantastic way to help improve targeted skin concerns. Choosing a face mask will depend on what concern you would want to treat, and also on your skin type. A face mask has three broad advantages; it lightens the skin tone, brightens complexion and controls acne and oily skin. You would apply a face mask on a clean, cleansed face and neck. Avoid areas such as your eyes and mouth if not stated otherwise.


Serums contain natural ingredients enriched with minerals and vitamins to target specific concerns. They are lightweight formulas that penetrates the skin deeply, balancing the skin and making it tight and firm. The lightweight formulation also aids in moisturising of the skin and carries nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin for maximum benefit. Serums can help with revitalising the skin as it lightens and brightens the skin. Regular use of serums cain aid in reducing wrinkles, lighten dark spots and result in a glowing complexion. Serums also promotes the benefit of a moisturiser by activating its ingredients to penetrate the skin on a deeper level and nourish it from within.

Head to our stories on Instagram to learn how to use these products. Feel free to pop us an DM if you have any other questions or enquiries.


Janique xx

Confidence Is What Makes You Beautiful

20 August 2020

Happy Women’s month Dollies!

With this month being focussed on women empowerment, I am going to discuss the topic of makeup and why we wear it.

My opinion about makeup, is that it should make you feel even more fierce than you already are. It should give you that extra boost of confidence for a special occasion, or even just for doing simple errands. If you enjoy using makeup as a form of creative expression - go for it! If you don’t like wearing makeup, then don’t!

My makeup motto is a very common quote by an unknown source, “Magnifying the beauty that already exists”.

We, as females, experience enough pressure and hardship as it is. Sometimes we need something to make us feel better, and for me (and lots of other women) that might be wearing makeup. But it should not be what makes you love yourself! You are beautiful from when you wake up in the morning, to when you slay the day in a fabulous dress and full glam makeup.

Remember: you are loved. You are amazing just as you are!

Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!



Your Are Not Alone

19 August 2020

 Happy Wednesday Dollies

The best way to celebrate Women's month is by speaking about how women can support women. Mental health struggles are a prevalent issue amongst women. We all likely know someone who is struggling. Below are just a few ways in which we can support a sister through her mental health journey 

1. Validate their feelings - Often someone who is struggling with their mental health just wants to be heard. Listen carefully and with full attention when they speak and validate their feelings by acknowledging how hard it must be. 

2. Allow them to lead the conversation- You might be the first person they are talking to about their mental health struggles, do not rush them or push them to share more than they are willing to. 

3. Allow for conversation about general well-being - Talk about ways in which you keep up your general well-being. Like journaling, art or exercise. This might encourage them to take up similar activities. 

4. Ask how you can help - Asking how you can help and being available helps to pinpoint specifically how to be supportive to your friend. You could offer to take them to the doctor or psychologist, run a stressful errand or just be there in person.

Remember Dollies, you are NOT alone

Love, Shani


“How to support someone with a mental health problem” Mental health foundation

18 August. 2020, 

 “How to Support a Friend With Mental Health Challenges while still taking care of yourself”